Fra schermi e schermaglie: le sfide del visual nello storytelling istituzionale = "Between screens and skirmishes": the challenges of visual in institutional storytelling


Between screens and skirmishes: the challenges of visual in institutional storytelling. In the evolution of models and practices of public sector communication, it becomes increasingly important for municipalities to live with awareness the current hybrid and convergent medial ecosystem. Public sector organizations have developed their presence in online spaces, enriching their interface with citizens opening new "digital screens" (eg: apps, instant messaging, social media), communication environments where the visual dimension is prevalent; more recently, they experiment strategies and techniques of visual storytelling. Based on the literature on public sector communication and on the institutional uses of social media, this article presents an exploratory and qualitative study, conducted through the analysis of social media channels of selected Italian municipalities, supported by in-depth interviews with institutional communication responsible officers. The study aims at investigating the impact of visual storytelling strategies and techniques adopted in their organizations.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n15p313

Keywords: public communication; institutional visual storytelling; social media; storytelling; institutional communication

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