Fantozzi: un volto umano tra il tragicomico ed il nichilismo = Fantozzi: a human face between tragicomics and nihilism


This essay’s construction would start with a brief analysis of Rag. Ugo Fantozzi’s character, and the socio-media impact that his figure, since the mid-seventies, has brought on society, focusing on two points of reflection. The first, the best known and "popular", perhaps, concerns the language that is born and spreads from the films of the saga. Terms such as "Megaditta" or "Megagalattico", or the conjunctive conjunctions, such as "Vadi" and "Dichi", have entered in the common language use even today, bringing a structural change in the communication that, hypothetically, would become an all-Italian slang integration, which is alienated, this time, from contaminating elements of extraterritorial importation. The second point of reflection concerns Fantozzi worker image, the average employee who reflects his daily life in the historical and social context in which the character lives, the existential drama of those who suffer, those who doesn’t know / cannot to react, of those who have neither the abilities nor the will to emulate the powerful, enduring with resignation a mobbing without way out, under penalty of an identity dissolution that is now totally annihilated. The example comes from the Fantozziana mask which, if, on the hand, shows profound hatred for years of servility and exploitation, on the other hand is unable to do without it because his life would no longer make sense without the Megaditta. This situation could be compared between Fantozzi and today's precarious worker, albeit taking into account the professional gap between the two figures, trying to bring possible common points between the two parties, first, then go into a generalized view of a similar reality in which we cannot finally affirm that we are all Fantozzi a little, with a bitter smile…

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n14p17

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