Introduzione alla sociologia del Rap. L’esplicitazione del conflitto attraverso le “barre” di strada e militanti=Introduction to rap sociology. Explanation of the conflict by the "slash" street and militants


Introduction to rap sociology. Explanation of the conflict by the "slash" street and militants. The work aims to ask about the co-articulations of rap music in its variety in order to decrease any approximation of the phenomenon; to that end, the hip-hop culture (in the form of rap) is supposed to be the protean clarification of biographical mappings within scenarios which helped to corroborate a tendency to the reorganization of the social conflict, which can be found in both street poetry and the “engaged bars”. The article will be preceded by a brief introduction on the reproduction of a conscious action that restores some regularities of behaviors and values conflicting with the settled living conditions; that’s why they are responsible for a tension that goes through, and is typical of the main social relations which will restore an idealistic and empirical contiguity with the subjectivities involved in the object of our study. The business economics will deliberately exclude all marketing dynamics of popular culture, which will be indifferent to the capture messages of the capitalist system

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n9p241

Keywords: Music; Rap; Suburbs; Metropolis; Society; Conflict; Subjectivity

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