“Socialismo è sinonimo di civiltà nuova” - la nostalgia dell’idea (perduta) di socialismo da Kautsky e Schumpeter a Honneth = “Socialism will mean the advent of the civilization" – the nostalgia of the idea (now lost) of socialism froma Kautsky and Schumpeter to Honneth


The idea of socialism has always been a keyword in the philosophical and political debate in the 20th Century and, recently, came back very timely. Following "reflexive nostalgia", the article proposes, an analysis of the idea of socialism in the 20th Century, not intended to be exhaustive, but considering some philosophers and intellectuals who (1) have reflected on the possibility of combining socialism with democracy (Kautsky and Schumpeter) and ( 2) who have tried to develop an updating of Socialism to the historical context in which they worked (Hirst and Honneth). The aim is to demonstrate the necessity of Socialism while being aware of a necessary rethinking directed to a new social and civic dimension.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n8p99

Keywords: Socialismo; civiltà; democrazia; nostalgia riflessiva

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