Ideologia come forma di incremento consumistico. Analisi dei processi di evoluzione, omologazione e trasformazione dei valori sociali attraverso lo strumento pubblicitario e le strategie di marketing = Ideology as a form of consumerist growth. Analysis of evolution, standardization and transformation processes of social values through the advertising medium and marketing strategies


This paper proposes a study that contributes to decline advertising in ideological terms, facing and conceptualizing old and new strategies, that allow to analyze advertising as an ideology. Introducing the scope of this work briefly, it will provide a first screening of the advertising phenomenon, then move on to examine the possible power aspects exercised on consumers, its persuasive force and related theories. The cultural comparison will provide further food for analysis, which will highlight both the values transformation brought by advertising that effects on behavior, on the needs and social relations. The last part will analyze the communications/advertising report, with examples of commercials that will introduce a short explanatory reference to marketing industry studies. The conclusions summarize their goals, focused on the mentioned spots

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n7p279

Keywords: ideologia; pubblicità; cultura; potere; comunicazione; consumi; marketing; globalizzazione

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