Immagini femminili e ideologia patriarcale = Female images and patriarchal ideology


Since the seventies, through the feminist theories, the phenomenon of Gender Studies has been coming up on the solid scientific and multidisciplinary base of Cultural Studies. Gender Studies analyze the features of development and the typical changes of social structures at any level. They are aiming at a possible emancipation of minorities, especially in the era of globalization. It becomes especially evident in the media that there is a new opening towards female topics in narrated stories. And Cinema, due to its eclectic nature and its artistic and social function, presents itself as the best example of analysis of this opening, highlighting the evolution from the initial establishment of patriarchal ideology, towards its gradual break-up and overcoming. Starting from a historical course of Gender theories inside the panorama of film studies it can be noticed that the female role, now released from patriarchal ideology, has changed within construction confirming women’s presence and re-launching new narrative structures as well as a new language and approach

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n7p265

Keywords: Film Studies; Gender Studies; Cultural Studies; Feminist Film Theory; Narrative Theory

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