I turbamenti del giovane Gender = The Confusions of Young Gender


In Italy, since the early 2010s, the English word “gender” was twisted into a code-word for a purported “teoria gender” (“gender-theory”) or “ideologia gender” (“gender-ideology”) also simply referred to as “il gender” (“the gender”). Such a “theory” purportedly aims to destroy any differences between males and females, preaching that sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender roles can and should be “chosen” at will, and that children ought be indoctrinated in schools with such a “knowledge”. This paper examines the roots of the concept, originating within “Opus Dei”, but further evolved in France and the movement against equal rights for same-sex couples. Such a “no-gender” ideology cannot be understood either as a philosophical or as a theological theory, being a mere political tool. The utterly confused theories by the “no-gender” movement are not, in fact, a coherent rebuttal of “gender studies” or “queer theories”, but rather a concocted mishmash of “conspiracy theories” held true by far-right groups

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n7p33

Keywords: Roman Catholicism; Women rights in Italy; Lgbt rights in Italy; Gender studies; Opus Dei; Gender theory; Queer theory

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