1967-1995: a tu per tu con l'uomo grande. Ricordi di un'amicizia asimmetrica: da una parte un giovane in crescita vorace, dall'altra un uomo di molte esperienze, più interessante perfino della sua opera=1967-1995 : face to face with a big man


1967-1995 : face to face with a big man. Hugo Pratt entered the lives of more than a generation of Italians as a reference point. The opportunity to meet face to face a person of public interest and to spend time with him along nearly three decades justifies a narrative, inevitably autobiographical text. It is a series of memories about an asymmetric friendship, which saw on one side a growing young man, and a man of considerable experience, a man even more interesting than his work, on the other side. It is a way to introduce and contextualize the personage of Pratt in those specific times which saw him so powerfully imposing himself on the Italian and international comics scene. These personal memories may make it easier to understand who the creator of Corto Maltese was.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n6p115

Keywords: friendship; experiences; Pratt

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