“Il fato si svela sotto specie di avventura”: Hugo Pratt, il Romanzo di Criss Kenton=“Fate is revealed subspecies adventure”.


“Fate is revealed subspecies adventure”. Il romanzo di Criss Kenton by Hugo Pratt. The essay examines the first novel written by Hugo Pratt. The novel, published in 1990, marks the transition from the cartoons to traditional literature. Il romanzo di Criss Kenton, set at the end of the Eightheenth century in North America, has the appearance of an autobiographical memoir, but it is also a wide historical and adventure narration: a "bastard" form congenial to impure nature of Pratt as an author.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n6p79

Keywords: Hugo Pratt; Literature; Adventure; Historical fiction; Western; American Frontier

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