Il conflitto ambientale nell’agenda mediatica. Il caso Ilva = The environmental conflict in the media agenda. The case of Ilva


The environmental conflict in the media agenda. The case of Ilva. On July, 26th a judge of the Public Prosecutor's Office in Taranto had signed the order of seizure for the largest steel plant of Europe, the ILVA, because it produces “sickness and death”. Environmental conflict is unprecedented in Italy's history. Immediately, branches of governement clashed with lobbyists about the causes and duties. The government of Prime Minister Mario Monti and Confindustria (the Italian employers' federation) support the excecutive board of Ilva, on the other hand civic committees and the majority of the citizens support the Public Prosecutor's Office. A lot of managers of the plant were arrested and the Steel-based capitalism system of Italy was shaken down to its deepest roots cause the three strand of investigation. The local political class was overtaken by the events. In the following essay, the evolution of the jurisdiction's conflict between executive and judiciary powers has been left out deliberately, to preserve the economy of the written. As the same the political-economical and union conflicts were overlooked in this dissertation. I decided to focus on the plan of analysis and research, choosing to investigate the media dimension of the Ilva's conflict, above all I am interested on the precious moments this issue obtain a international dimension

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n3p103

Keywords: Ilva; Taranto; enviromental conflict; Riva; media agenda

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