L'industria culturale di Adorno e Horkheimer: una proposta di rilettura = The cultural industry of Adorno and Horkheimer: a reinterpretation


The essay by Adorno and Horkheimer about The Culture Industry (in the volume Dialectic of Enlightment) represents for Alberto Abruzzese the starting point of a reasoning on the intellectuals' role, the crisis of humanistic and academic knowledge and the new “screen and network” society. The author uses The Culture Industry as a text on the western civilization's sunset and at the same time on the metamorphosis of mass cultural production. Abruzzese refers to those scholars who deepened these issues with passion and acumen. From Benjamin to Canetti, from Debord to Foucault, from Lukacs to McLuhan: Abruzzese analyses a whole research path in media culture with the frankness of a personal self-examination.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753v1n1p133

Keywords: culture industry; mass media; Adorno; Horkheimer; Benjamin

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