L'ARCI in Puglia fra mutualità, solidarismo e organizzazione del tempo libero (1960-1989)


This research is part of the initiatives concerning the sixtieth anniversary of the Arci association, the largest Italian recreational cultural association. Arci Puglia allowed the author to rearrange his archive and then donate it to the Gramsci di Puglia Foundation to help protect and safeguard it. It is an archival survey that later became an annual study that led to the mapping of all the Apulian circles and the changes that have characterized the development of the associative history. It combines the sources of the immense reorganized archive with the voices of the managers from the beginnings to the present ones and using journalistic sources and the stories of the militants, managing to create a "glocal" study that does not forget the references to national history, the Nicolini's Roman Summer, "Years of Lead", until the end of the Cold War.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a9n2p259

Keywords: Public history; Association history; Social history; South of Italy; ARCI; Italian Left history

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