I cento anni del Partito comunista italiano tra cronaca e storia


The essay, starting from a recent publication, addresses the problem of the contradiction between Western-style democracy and the relationship with the Stalinist culture and with the Soviet Union that the Italian Communist Party has maintained. The role of Gramsci and Togliatti in the formation of what will be the largest communist party in Western Europe is highlighted. The PCI will reach the apex of development and the beginning of its decline, however, with the secretarial of Enrico Berliguer. The fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of communism in Europe will lead to the dissolution of the party also in Italy. In short, Italian communism had tried to renew itself but probably too late. He had appeared slow and indecisive in the face of modernity. Furthermore, the long crisis that has developed within the Italian left after the end of the Communist Party emerges.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a9n2p59

Keywords: Communism; Stalinism; Italian Communist Party; Political left; Reformism

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