Cyberspazio. La nuova arena del potere


The cyberspace, place of action and object of contention between old and new actors of the international relations, in the XXI century became crucial for the power and for the international policy issues. After land, sea, air and outer space, the cyberspace represents the fifth dimension of conflicts and the new arena of the power. Indeed, the international scenario driven by the IT revolution and the globalizing trends, is moving from unipolar to multipolar, causing a deterioration of the statocentric structure. For this reason, the interest in the cyber domain is motivated by the new way of policy making inside it. In this new strategic environment is necessary to refresh the classic deterrence theory to obtain an effective defense, by means of a cyber security. It should be based on a strong global collaboration, whose aim is reducing the risk of a «data war», fought with bits.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a8n2p67

Keywords: Cyberspace; Information and Communications Technology (ICT); Cyberpolitics; Cyberpower; Hi-tech war; Digital Militarization; Cybersecurity

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