Cristiani contro lo stato. Storia libertaria dei quaccheri


Since its birth in the mid-600s, the "Society of Friends", the official denomination of the Quaker religion, manifested a peculiar individualistic, anti-authoritarian and libertarian character. The first Quakers intended to restore early Christianity, and just as the early Christians refused to cooperate with the State. For these reasons they were persecuted by the English crown and the New England puritans. The Quaker William Penn founded a colony, Pennsylvania, which prospered for many decades in conditions of freedom, tolerance, lack of taxes and minimal government. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the Quakers distinguished themselves in the entrepreneurial, commercial and banking fields. In the 1900s they organized impressive humanitarian relief operations for the civilian populations affected by war and famine. Today, Quakerism is in decline, but there are signs of revival of the authentic libertarian and original anti-state spirit.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a8n1p99

Keywords: Quakers; Society of Friends; Pennsylvania; Quakernomics; Libertarianism

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