Balkans "Peace" Park: rischi e prospettive


The history of Peace Parks started after WWII and they are nowadays spread all over the world. The most ancient were established in Europe and North America, but the most important focus are now Sub-Saharian Africa and the former Ottoman Empire territories. For South Africa this tool became an important way to carry on the African Reinassance and the idea of a united aim of development and spread wellness after decades of Apartheid and centuries of colonization. In the Balkans, above all about the project of a Balkans Peace Park between Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro, the lack of a"Balkan Reinassance" and the ethnical, religious and political differences between each country in the former Yugoslavia intersect the project of a Peace Park with several "fil rouges" that make the context become more and more complex.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a7n1p179

Keywords: Kosovo; Albania; Montenegro; Balkans; Peace Park; South Africa; B3P; UCK; Vetëvendosje; Ramush Haradinaj; European Union; Easterrn Europe; 2025 Enlargement; Jean Claude Juncker

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