Missione di propaganda o apostolato intellettuale? Il 1917 in Russia e l’Italia nell’immaginario di Vladimir Zabughin


A reflection on the 1917 in Russia through Vladimir Zabughin’s figure presents a specific and further perspective on the different expectations the two (February and October) Russian revolutions raised, both in Russia and Europe. Vladimir Zabughin, who was sent to Russia by the Italian Minister Vittorio Scialoja, fully belonged to the intellectual and profoundly religious spirits who were unable to foresee the Bolshevik permanence and finally drifted into the history of the defeated, together with the “white movement”

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a6n2p503

Keywords: 1917; Revolutionary Russia; Vladimir Zabughin; Italian government; Military Propaganda; Russian emigration; Kerenskij; Rome and the East

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