1917: la coscrizione negli Stati Uniti tra pacifismo anti-militarista e obiezione di coscienza


In 1917 it was introduced the conscription in the United States of America. The Selective Service Act was the legal instrument in the creation of an American Expedition Force in Europe. The introduction of the Draft started a debate among pacifist associations and the anti-militarist movement, that involved radical political organizations and conscientious objectors. The results of the confrontation in the American Government leaded to the promulgation of the Espionage Act and the Sediction Act. Despite this, the American democracy showed how hold contacts with political and religious minorities for the protection of the conscientious objectors, saving at the same time the values of liberty

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a6n2p245

Keywords: First World War; Pacifism; Conscription; Conscientious Objection

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