Il fallimento del bargaining approach kennediano in Medio Oriente (1961-1963)


This work aims at analyzing the role USA played in the Middle East during the John Fitzger-ald Kennedy Administration (1961-1963). First of all, I will start examining the two Eisenhower man-dates (1953-1960) in order to establish whether, with JFK serving as a President, a change occurred in the U.S. politics in the area. Secondly, I will illustrate the analysis JFK carried out about the Middle East problems during that period, with a view to understand the choices he made after becoming President. Finally, I will take into account the position the United States held as regards the ongoing major conflicts in the Middle East during the democratic Administration, namely the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Arab Cold War (specifically, in the Yemen Civil War starting from September 1962).

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a5n2p815

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