Gli Stati Uniti e il PSI negli anni sessanta


From the elections of 1948, the strong presence of the Communist Party in Italy caused United States to take a strong interest in its relationship with the Italian Government, in order to prevent the Left from taking power. In fact the close relationship between Italy and the USA became the most effective way to reinforce the democratic identity, and the Atlantic loyalty of the country. It was a difficult and tortuous journey, riddled with the party and mistrust from some parts of the American Government, such as those in the US Embassy in Rome. It was a matter of under standing whether the Socialist Party had concretely and effectively chosen an alternative path which would preserve democracy and provide a leap in the direction of reforms for the country. The analysis of the events leads us to question whether it was Nenni’s decision to encourage the faith and support of the United States, or whether it was the need to overcome the stagnant nature of the politics of the Christian Democrats which forced the socialists to change direction in a way which would lead them to government.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a5n2p753

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