EU Democracy Promotion in Morocco Rule of Law Analysis


In recent years Morocco has embarked in a proactive process of modernisation and democratisation. There has been undeniable progress in the areas of democratic reform and respect for human rights, in particular the adoption of the new family code, the law on political parties, the law outlawing torture, the strengthening of local democracy, the reform of the justice and prison systems, the new electoral code. In 2011, the new Constitution introduced a stronger separation of powers and somewhat reduces the political authority of the King. In September 2015 Morocco held regional and municipal elections for the first time under the constitutional framework established in 2011 but corruption remains a major problem, despite the government desire to combat this scourge. I will focus on the Rule of Law growth, and some of its subdivisions, within the EU democratic rule of law promotion in Morocco.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a5n2p671

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