Gli ultimi venticinque anni di relazioni tra Turchia e Israele: ascesa, crollo e prospettive future


The last twenty-five years of relations between Turkey and Israel are the most intense years of their diplomatic relations. From the 90s, when the two Countries had have good relations, to the deep crisis of 2010, the role of the two Countries in the region has radically changed for both the international context and the changes of governments in both Countries. This essay will take into account both the cru-cial historical moments of relations between the two Countries and the elements of theory of international relations that have fostered these steps and changes. Finally, there will be a brief comments about the latest upheavals (especially in Turkey but also in United States) and about prospects that could entail in relations with Israel. The energy issue is purposely neglected to focus on the political-economic one.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a5n2p521

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