Che cos’è la radicalizzazione. Note di riflessione a margine di un processo di politicizzazione di alcune minoranze islamiste


The article intends to define the meaning of the word “radicalization” in the political and social processes in action in Europe. If the radicalization is the first footstep toward the terrorism nevertheless it is also a cultural phenomenon to itself. In this light it answer to the need to build an identity in the age of the globalization. The radicalization constitutes a sort of new frontier of the claim for those people that feel him excluded, or not represented, from the most traditional organizations. Also for this it intersects with relative facility with that mixes of populism and fundamentalisms that are answering to the crisis of the social cohesion, in Europe as in other parts of the world

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a5n1p7

Keywords: Islamic radicalism; Terrorism; Social mobilisation; Social Theory

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