Il groviglio curdo


Kurds are the largest ethnic group in the world (over 40 millions), not living in one national State. Since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, they were split in four countries: Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. Divided by geography, Kurds are also divided in many clans. In Turkey, some Kurdish parties support the government in charge, while others, like the PKK of Abdullah Ochalan, since the 70s are engaged in a bloody guerrilla against Turks, even if today some contacts are going on with Ankara. In Iraqi Kurdistan, only in 2014 the two major political parties have been able to form a temporary coalition to stop with their peshmergas the ISIS Baghdad Caliphate’s forces invading Iraq and Syria, but they remain deeply divided on internal policy. In Iran, Sunnite Kurds minority is engaged in a hopeless confrontation with local Shiite Government. Then, perspectives of a future Kurdish State are premature. If it is difficult for Kurds to overcome internal differences, much more hard would be for the regional regimes to give up parcels of their own territory for creating a new Nation-State.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a3n2p297

Keywords: Kurdistan; Kurds; Peshmerga; Sunnites; Shiites; PKK; ISIS

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