Diplomazie triangolari a confronto: Metternich/Kissinger


This article is a comparison between Austrian Chancellor Metternich and American National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger. The analysis is based on the study of A World Restored, Kissinger’s Ph.D. dissertation, in which he wrote about the Concert of Europe in the early nineteenth century. Both the statesmen are considered from the historians as “realpolitiker”, mostly because of their geopolitical approach to the foreign policy. The center of the comparison, in this work, is the so-called strategy of triangular diplomacy: the two cases examined are the Saxon Question, involving Austria, Prussia and France and the opening to China in the contest of Soviet-American détente

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a3n1p169

Keywords: Triangular Diplomacy; Metternich; Kissinger

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