The King is dead, long live the Queen. I rapporti italo-britannici nei giorni del passaggio da Giorgio VI a Elisabetta II


Historical studies on Anglo-Italian diplomatic relations between the end of WWII and the early Fifties have often stressed two contradictory elements: the alleged good will to overcome the heavy legacy left by Italian fascism and the war, and the political and psychological qualms that emerged whenever the dialogue between Rome and London was resumed. Largely based on primary sources, this essay brings new elements to the knowledge of the evolution of bilateral relations in the midst of the dynastic succession that led Elizabeth II to the throne of Saint James

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a3n1p45

Keywords: Anglo-Italian relations; King George VI’s death; Queen Elizabeth II’s ascent to the throne; Ambassador Manlio Brosio; The Trieste Question

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