La distribuzione dei farmaci tra esigenze di competitività e tutela della salute: un'analisi comparata


The sector of distribution of drugs, with reference to the territorial and demographic criteria for the opening of new pharmacies, was recently amended by the Italian legislator and is also the subject of numerous rulings by the administrative courts. The pharmaceutical distribution is differently regulated among the EU countries. For this reason, it is necessary to do a comparative examination among the laws of some important European countries, Britain, France and Germany, thanks to which it is possible to verify the validity of stringent regulations that strictly define the demographic and geographic requirements for creating new pharmacies. In this perspective, it is possible to evaluate the regulatory changes and the new Italian case law, verifying the real opening of Italian market in an area which imposes a health protection that cannot be eluded.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a2n2p235

Keywords: Distribution of drugs; Pharmacies; Territorial and Demographic criteria

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