Excavations and researches at Shahr-i Sokhta 3 - 2023

Edited by Enrico Ascalone, Seyyed Mansur Seyyed Sajjadi Full Version (PDF)
(Excavations and Researches at Shahr-i Sokhta, 3 / 2023)

ISBN: 9786229729779

Table of Contents

Frontespizio e pagine iniziali     PDF

Indice     PDF

Preface     PDF

Introduction to the Multidisciplinary International Archaeological Project at Shahr-i Sokhta of the University of Salento     PDF
Enrico Ascalone 13-20

Part I. Archaeological Field-Works     PDF

Excavations at Shahr-i Sokhta (Graveyard 2006-2007)     PDF
Seyyed Mansur Seyyed Sajjadi 23-106

Workshop n. 20: A Public House at Shahr-i Sokhta     PDF
Hossein Moradi 107-142

Preliminary Report on the 2018-2019 Excavations in Area 33 at Shahr-i Sokhta     PDF
Enrico Ascalone 143-232

Archaeological Survey on the East and Southeast Areas of Shahr-i Sokhta: Some Evidence for Making Chronology during the Third and Early Second Millennium BC     PDF
Hossein Moradi, Hossein Sarhaddi Dadian, Mojtaba Saadatian, Seyed Mohammad Javad Marashi, Mohammad Keikha 233-264

Part II. Archaeological Researches     PDF

The Emir Ware from Shahr-i Sokhta     PDF
Seyyed Mansur Seyyed Sajjadi 267-308

The Pottery Assemblage from Area 33 (2019 Excavations)     PDF
Pierfrancesco Vecchio 309-346

The Artefacts from Area 33 at Shahr-i Sokhta: 2018 and 2019 Excavations     PDF
Rosa Rivoltella 347-432

Understanding the Dead. Preliminary Results of Data Analysis and 3D-Visualization at the Shahr-i Sokhta Graveyard     PDF
Ratko Krvavac 433-472

Zoomorphic Patterns on the Pottery Vessels of Shahr-i Sokhta     PDF
Seyyed Mansur Seyyed Sajjadi 473-496

Alabaster Vessels from Shahr-i Sokhta     PDF
Seyyed Mansur Seyyed Sajjadi, Sareh Amini 497-518

The Alabaster Vessels of Building 33: Shahr-i Sokhta Archaeological Campaign 2019     PDF
Silvia Festuccia 519-552

Wooden and Reed Objects from Shahr-i Sokhta     PDF
Seyyed Mansur Seyyed Sajjadi 553-570

The Iron IV Period in Eastern Iran: an Overview of the Research     PDF
Vittoria Cardini 571-586

Catalogue of Stone Objects     PDF
Seyyed Mansur Seyyed Sajjadi, Sareh Amini, Seyyedeh Medi Rahmani 587-620

Part III. Bioarchaeological Researches     PDF

Traumatology in a Human Sample from the Necropolis of Shahr-i Sokhta     PDF
Pier Francesco Fabbri, Giorgia Vincenti 623-644

New Data on Animal Exploitation at Shahr-i Sokhta (Iran): Preliminary Results from the Analysis of Animal Remains Found in Area 33     PDF
Claudia Minniti, Alberto Potenza 645-668

New Methodological Approaches to the Study of Human-environment Interactions at Shahr-i Sokhta     PDF
Girolamo Fiorentino, Marco Madella, Ignazio Minervini 669-684

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