Comunicare e Curare. Dall'Autoreferenzialità del Sintomo alla Dialettica del Desiderio


Communicating and Caring: From the Symptom's Self-reference to the Desire's Dialectics. The following study, part of a Lacanian psycho-pedagogical research, concerns the weight of truth covered by the subconscious' formation in subjectivation. Assuming, therefore, that the subconscious is structured as a language, the symptom takes shape from this perspective as the witness of a hidden meaning behind the rhetorical structure of the subject's discourse. The communicative action—not to be treated as a mere transmission of information, but as the action triggered by transference dynamics activated by desire—extends the action of Care from its own environment to the pedagogical one, considering the interest in subjectivation and what concerns the relationship of the subject's truth with himself is the base of the educational act. The pedagogy inherits a stance from psychoanalysis in which the symptom, as a "fortuitous happening," passes from its asphyxiated self-reference to a broad and generative hermeneutics perspective thanks to the semantic expansion operated by the après coup action (afterwardness) of the analytic discourse.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i9788883051753p76

Keywords: Symptom; Subjectivation; Unconscious; Language; Discourse; Self-formation; Psychopedagogy; Lacanian psychoanalysis; Desire; Care

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