A versioning-based framework for semantic annotation of Web documents: OVerFA


Ontology based annotation is one of the leading trend in creating metadata by using ontologies as their vocabularies. Several languages and tools exist which support annotations of different types of media. Usually such languages are tightly coupled with specific tools and they are able to describe only those features the tools are designed to manage. Furthermore very few (or none at all) tools and languages support annotations of multiple media types or documents or ontologies and annotations versioning, so they are not so useful in a collaborative infrastructure which aims to produce annotations of multimedia resources. In this work the main architecture and the language to create annotations of the OVerFA (Ontology based VERsioned Framework for Annotation) framework are presented. It will be shown how the framework allows for collaborative annotation of documents of different media types and how it is possible to exploit useful features in order to produce clear and complete ontology based annotations.

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Keywords: Semantic Annotation; Ontologies

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