An unpublished petition from the Sorbonne collection


The GESHAEM project is a scientific research initiative which aims at enhancing the knowledge of the administration of Ptolemaic Fayyum. Its goal is also to restore and study both the cartonnages and the papyri, in Demotic and in Greek, kept in the "Fonds Jouguet Fouilles", stored at the Institut de Papyrologie of Sorbonne Université in Paris. In one cartonnage from Magdôla, a Greek petition to an official (hypomnêma) has been discovered and inventoried as Inv. Sorb. 2855, which bears a new name for a toparchês in the Fayyum: Philonautês.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i99788883051760p989

Keywords: Cartonnage restoration; Ptolemaic Fayyum; Greek petition

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