Antiochus von Askalon und Heraklitus von Tyros in einer Schülerliste des Kleitomachos? (P.Herc.. 1021, Kol. 25, Mitte)


The contribution provides a new edition of Phld., Ind. Acad. (P.Herc. 1021), col. 25, 20-36. In lines 32-35 the names of Antiochus of Ascalon and Philo of Larissa are restored for the first time. The relative clause referring to Heraclitus of Tyre (ll. 34-36) suggests that we are dealing here with the end of a list of pupils of Clitomachus. Approximately in lines 20-30 other information on Clitomachus might have been given, while also the name of Charmadas occurs.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i99788883051760p450

Keywords: Antiochus of Ascalon; Philo of Larissa; Heraclitus of Tyre

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