Aspetti della famiglia "greca" nelle richieste dell'epikrisis di adolescenti nell'età romana: notazioni demografiche e sociologiche


From over some seventy requests for the admittance to various privileged categories, coming from Oxyrhynchus, Ptolemais Euergetis, Hermopolis Magna and Heracleopolis Magna, one can point out some significant aspects, as the Greek part's consistence, the families' composition and the members' role (e.g. the male predominance at Oxyrhynchus), the family compactness or the crisis (as we check at Ptolemais Euergetis), the family endogamy impact (in particular at Hermopolis Magna).

DOI Code: 10.1285/i99788883051760p275

Keywords: Epikrisis; family; Greek

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